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Who is JonEl?

JonEl is just a dude who started playing video games in the Original Nintendo / Sega Master System era and has varied between being a devoted addicted gamer and just a casual gamer but has always been a fan of video games. He’s borne witness to the rise of iconic series’ like Final Fantasy and Zelda and watched the downfall of other greats like Phantasy Star and Sonic. He was there at the Panasonic 3DO and Neo Geo and remembers when Xbox didn’t have a number after it and when Sony only made really good TV’s and audio equipment. He wept over the death of the coin-op era (Thanks Street Fighter II) and still stares fondly at the empty space next to him on the couch where friends used to sit. Although it sounds like he’s all about retro and nostalgia, that’s untrue. The evolution of gaming excites him! From mobile games to massive AAA titles and MMORPG’s, to the new retro titles available on Steam and the Playstation and Xbox stores. Whether it’s a game from yesteryear or today there’s always something interesting to be found.

JonEl lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and is a Web Programmer and Project Manager by trade.

As a hobby he loves playing video games, making mostly unwatchable videos and writing terrible articles.

He also keeps up with fitness and is all about comics and sci-fi.

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